Who I am

A brief introduction to who I am. My name Is Billy I’m 34 years old originally from Pittsburgh Pa, I moved to Indianapolis Indiana with my ex girlfriend a little over 3 years ago. Things didn’t really work out between us I left her the house and everything in it packed up 2 of my totes and moved into a Hotel because I decided to stay here in Indiana try to make a life for myself here with no one’s help. I have no friends or family here so I’m truly on my own for the 1st time ever in my life.

I’ve been living in a small privately owned motel for over a year now but after I hit rock bottom and lost everything I had the owner of the Motel agreed to let me work for him to cover my rent because he didn’t really want to put me out on the street. I’ve been working for the owner of the motel for maybe about 6 months now all while working a full time job as a Security Officer/Traffic guard I’ve been with the company for as long as I’ve lived in Indiana took a 2 month break but ended up coming back. 



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