The Compramise

Trailer or Concret Cell
That’s what my room is like a cell just without the bars. I honestly think this basement is part of the reason why I’ve been having so many mental melt downs, granted I’m not in the room 24/7 but even a few hours in this room with my demons anyone would lose their fucking mind after year not to mention the other basement residents they would drive an insain person mad. 2 drunks 1 of which is legit CRAZY and 1 some what legit crazy hoarder lady. Myself and the guy next to me work and keep to ourselfs try to avoid the crazies lol
There’s a small trailer outback the old fulltime 24/7 housekeeper lived in for awhile. He’s since gone and I just spent half an hour standing in it thinking about my current situation and futur situation.
He probably wouldn’t admit it but he rely’s on me A LOT! I play a major part in daily operations here because if it’s not the daughter that’s doing something it’s me doing something or both of us. The days I’m not here some stuff doesn’t get done and he’ll get shitty about it even knowing I’m not here because I’m working.
I’m thinking about maybe to to him about putting me up in the little trailer, I’ll clean it up fix it up winterize it or put me up in one of the rooms we don’t rent out that often until it’s really busy, that way they know when I’m home and I know when people are coming and going be able to respond to security issues quicker lmao! I also double as private security and I would have WINDOWS and my own bathroom area with a decent tub to soak in every now and then. Wouldn’t have to pay me much and it would be a win-win for both of us.
I may bitch about shit here or him but it’s really not that bad here and he really isn’t all that bad, he has his days most of the time we are all joking and kidding around with each other but were always working running around the compond doing something.
I actually do like working for him because he knows how to keep a person busy from sunup to sundown but he pays people what they are worth and often overpays people because he does care and does have a big heart. I’ve seen what he’s done for other people heard the storys often getting fucked over for it but he keeps on helping and giving. I’ve gotten to know these people this motel family and they aren’t half bad no family is perfect but if i had to lable them they are the Moderen family of our time with no censorship lmao!
I’ve also come to learn the hard way that this place will make you or break you! because your personal issues don’t matter it’s like a having a JOB check YOUR shit at the door and wake up on the right side of the bed because if you don’t the ball busting will be relentless you show your weakness and it will be exploited to the fullest.



Eagles- Hotel California


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