Working and living in a motel


That saying right there sums up my life as of lately, I’ve always been a hard work but living where you work brings a new meaning to hard work. Living here was just fine I was able to come home from my full time job and actually rest but since I hit rock bottom and started working for the owner all I do is work work work really no time to relax or rest until late at night. I thought once I had my full time job back and started paying rent again then I would have to work for the owner. Well that’s not the case once your IN your IN until you leave and even then you’re still IN if you left on good terms.

I call this place the compound, 2 motel buildings a 3 bay garage, one 3 bay barn/garage where we store groundskeeping equipment and other stuff, then there is a Single barn with 2 cows living in it, Chicken coupe in the back yard with 10 chickens.. That’s just what’s on the compound lol The owner is also a used car salesmen so he has a car lot not to far away.

My job duties here include:

*Start cleaning rooms at 11am and don’t stop until 1am sometimes

*Take care of chickens feed water and eggs

*Garage Helper which means Car Fetcher/Car Jumper/Car Test Driver/Parts Fetcher/Garage Cleaner/Errand Boy

*Private Security because I work for Security company, I’m the guy that comes knocking on your door when you are acting a fool in our rooms, I’m the guy that you’ll see walking down the sidewalk to see what you are doing in you car, I’m the guy that responds to any unruly guest or people trespassing.

I wake up once my feet hit the floor I’m going all day, I also work a full time job 6 days a week because they are soooo nice to give me 1 day off *laughs* I’m never off even when I’m off from the full time job because living here is a full time job. I can tell people that all day long but they would never understand unless they spent a weekend with me see how much I do around here.



Now with all that being said, I just came home from working a 12 hour shift and I’m told to clean this room. This room was occupied by 2 females for 3 days not sure how many visitors they had but they made a mess of the room. A room like this on my own takes me maybe half hour to clean. Needless to say I was not a happy camper when I saw how they trashed the room. Garbage everywhere, Rose Petals everywhere even clogged the whirlpool with them. Instead of buying the fake candles they used REAL candles had them laying all over the floor got wax all over the title and carpet. You can see I already have a full trash bag and I’m not even close to being done. Took me a good hour to clean this room.

I’m all for renting a room having fun or getting away but really come on people this is a privately owned establishment we let a lot of shit slide and our rooms are cheap probably the cheapest in Indy.

I hope after reading this and seeing the picture you will think about how you leave your motel room when your checking out. Clean up after yourself your not a slob at home don’t be one at a motel. Have fun but be respectful of other people’s property and rules.


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