The Traffic Guy

I do what our parents jokingly told us to do as kids, Go play in traffic if your bored lol

Well that’s what I do, I play in traffic for a living and I’ve been doing it for 3 years now I play in all kinds of traffic except Highway traffic but have run into situations on the highway where I’ve put my life on the line.

I work for a Security company that has a traffic division we do traffic for garages downtown, Schools, Special events, Private businesses and we also do Construction Flagging. For 2 years I was in charge of the traffic division everything related to traffic was run through me. I was in charge of a division that had a very high turnover rate because no one really wants to play in traffic for shit pay. We the traffic guards literally put our lives on the line when we step out into the road our life can end just like that, takes one distracted driver on the phone. Over the course of 3 years I’ve had more than enough close calls working  traffic. When It comes to doing my job I take it seriously and when I step out into the road blowing my whistle with my arm out that means you stop if you refuse to stop I don’t get out of the way I hold my ground you move I move once I get you stopped your gonna wait a little longer and hear what I think about you.

My job may look easy but it’s not It is a very stressful job not for everyone, you have to be a special kind of crazy to want to dodge cars, trucks, buses, emergency vehicles and bicyclists. I must be that special kind of crazy because most of the time I actually enjoy playing in traffic I don’t know if it’s because I’ve already been hit by a car when I was young or it’s because I know these people don’t really want to hit me well most of the people don’t want to hit me. Doing the construction flagging I’ve had people try to run me down or have come back to try to run me down because I don’t take no shit from anyone out there and that in the end might be what gets me killed or seriously injured.

Takes a split second for someone to pull out a gun and put a few rounds in me and drive away. Takes a few minutes for someone to reach that put to where they are out of the car beating the shit out of me because I ran my mouth to the wrong person.

I honestly don’t think about it, When I’m out there in the road I’m focused on 2 things traffic coming from all directions and the people that are distracted by their phones. I can’t see or control everything but when I’m in the road I do my damn best to do so and make sure everyone is safe.

I am there for a reason I’m not there for my health, If you see us standing in the road telling you to stop there is a damn good reason if you don’t stop you’re putting your life at risk along with everyone else.




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