My hobbie

Self taught amature photographer, I bought my first camera at the age of 18. Just randomly snapping pictures of stuff I thought was cool or would be a good picture over the years I developed a flashy light obsession once I got my drivers license I had a police scanner in the truck and I would drive around chasing down the flashy lights lol Most of my pictures are point and shoot style but every now and then I take photography adventures to new places I’ve never been before. Over the years the pictures became better without editing. I didn’t think much about editing my pictures let alone selling them.

What inspired was a facebook post from a local photographer, He had taken pictures of a bunch of classic car’s and modern muscle cars in random places all over the city. Over the years he would inspire me more to edit my pictures possibly turn my hobby into something more. He started out small using social media to display his work and now he’s a well known name In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. DaveDiCelloPhotography.

The shots displayed in this post are my work, Products of Neuviewsphotography


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